Times are hard in business. Everybody is reigning in, cutting costs, and saving money. It’s understandable and essential. But one of the corners that are often cut is design.

Effective and potent design gets your business noticed, which in an increasingly competitive market is vital. Good design gives you the extra leverage to ensure that it’s your business that customers and consumers see first, your business literature that catches the eye, your packaging that stands out on the shelf, and your products that are chosen.

Design studios can be expensive, after all they have to cover all their designers' wages, and charge a premium to keep up their reputation. But pricey design doesn’t always mean effective and potent design.

So why pay extra when the same service and standard is available at much lower costs?

I have over fifteen years' experience in the design industry ranging from brand identity, advertising, corporate literature, product and packaging to web design. As both an designer, illustrator and a developer I can offer a large range of services, all in one place. I also have extensive knowledge and experience of the licensing market as well as creation of new licenses.

Don’t hesitate to help your business get ahead.

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